Banner users among the faculty and staff have access to an additional storage area for data and database system files.  Follow the instructions below to manually map it if it doesn't happen automatically.

1.  Make sure the computer is connected to the Lehigh network, either with a cable, via WiFi, or using the VPN

2.   Open Windows File Explorer, right-click "This PC",

and select "Map network drive . . ."

3.  Select "J" from the "Drive:" pull-down, and enter \\\banner in the "Folder:" box. 

4.  If this is a computer you use frequently, and it's usually attached to the Lehigh network, add a check in the "Reconnect at logon" box.

5.  Click the "Finish" button.    If you're asked for a username and password, enter the username with ad\ in front, for example ad\dab406

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