The following documentation details how to reserve a space using 25Live Express Scheduling.

  • Unlike regular 25Live scheduling, 25Live Express scheduling allows you to immediately schedule a space.
  • Only spaces that allowed self-scheduling will be searchable/displayed.
  • You are limited to one hour blocks at a time.
  • Certain spaces may allow self-scheduling but be subject to priority scheduling as needed.

Please note: some spaces such as glass study rooms in FML on the 5th and 6th floors have a two-hour per day per individual limit.

For Scheduling Go to:

When you arrive at 25Live Express Scheduling, you will be prompted to log in.

Log in using your Lehigh credentials, then you will see the following:



Create a new event via Express Scheduling

To create a new event, simply complete the following fields (all fields are required):

  • Date/Time - select the date then the time you would like to reserve a space for
  • Express Locations - all locations that allow self-scheduling will begin to appear as suggestions as you start typing
  • Event Name - specify a name for your event

If the space you are trying to reserve is available during the date/time you specified, you will see feedback as show above (ex: "No Conflicts). If the space is not available, it will report this to you as well, then simply select another space.

Once you have a space selected that is available and the fields are complete, click Save. Your event is now scheduled. If the space you reserve is equipped with a scheduling panel outside the room, your event will show there within minutes.

Searching available locations

You will notice the above express scheduling panel (on mobile) or at the top-left of the screen (on desktop) a panel labeled Quick Search. In most cases, you can safely ignore all of these options for self-scheduling purposes except See Available Locations which may be helpful in showing you a list of spaces allowing express scheduling based on your search input.


Please note, the Reserve It button will open the event wizard and take you out of express scheduling and, therefore, should not be used in this instance.

In the example above, when searching for a space in the EWFM Library or Computing Center, use the official abbreviation for the building (in this case: FM), and/or specify a room number and press enter. Useful information will appear about related spaces. Spaces will show regardless of availability. You can change the date, time and locations options above until the space you want to reserve shows as available (action button reads "Reserve It").