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The screenshot below shows the full details page for a Jira Service Desk help request. You get here by clicking directly on the request number (e.g. "LTS-1081").  The numbered items show handy features of the JIRA system.

  • You can see the title of the request, and status at the top of the page.
  • Under the request's title is the Comments section. You can add comments to the request--these comments get emailed to the LTS staff working on the request.

  • Details of the original request form answers are shown under the Comments section. You cannot edit these details, but LTS can so if something should be changed just add a comment.

  • The "Shared with" section on the right shows all the people involved with your request – both LTS staff and any co-workers in your department also involved with the issue.

  • the "Share" button allows you to add people to the request. They will receive all future updates about this request.

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