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Jira Service Desk requests come into the system from the request form, which asks for a few key items:

  1. The top-most question asks who the request is for (who needs help):
    1. You can submit requests for yourself as well as for other Lehigh users.
    2. You can simply leave the field blank if the request is for yourself. 
    3. Otherwise, begin typing a username or first or last name of the person – Jira's auto lookup feature allows you to find and select users.
  2. The rest of the fields help LTS select the right person to help.  The more information you can enter, the quicker and more accurate LTS can be.
    1. Not all fields are required.  However, tickets won't be able to be created if a required field is left blank!
  3. A gray box will appear in the bottom-right corner as soon as you begin entering text in the Summary field
    1. This box provides relevant knowledge base articles that could save you time.
  4. If no Knowledge Base article looks like it will do the trick, click the "Create" button at the bottom of the screen.

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