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  • Lehigh University Services Guide for Data Storage, Processing, and Transmission
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NOTE: If you have any questions about proper handling of data, please contact Information Security

Electronic Devices and
Lehigh Hosted or Contracted Services

Confidential Information


Class I
Class II
Class III
Class IV
Lehigh Owned - LTS-Managed Whole Disk Encrypted Devices
including, but not limited to:
    • Computers
    • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Externally Connected Storage Devices





Personally Owned Computers or Storage Devices
Unmanaged Mobile Devices (Lehigh Owned or Personal)
Lehigh University LAN Drive (H: I: J: Drives)
Approved Access-Controlled LAN Drive Storage*
Web and Storage Space
Ceph Storage with LTS Access-Control (R Drive)
Course Site
Drupal and Lehigh Hosted Webpages
Email - Lehigh Gmail


Email - Lehigh Hosted
Lehigh File Sender
Lehigh Google Drive** (encrypted in transit and at rest)
NOTE: Google stores data on servers located domestically and abroad.
Lehigh Dropbox for Business** (encrypted in transit and at rest)
NOTE: All data is stored in the US.
Personal Dropbox
Lehigh Microsoft OneDrive** (encrypted in transit and at rest)

(tick) Acceptable  (error) Not Acceptable (warning) Some exclusions (noted below)

*Must be approved by Information Security

** ITAR and Export controlled information under U.S.laws are excluded. Although ITAR and Export controlled information under U.S. laws are classified as Type II data, it cannot be stored on systems outside the US.  In addition to storage restrictions on this type of data there are also restrictions on sharing such data with foreign nationals of restricted countries. It is up to the data owner to determine whether any export controlled data may be shared with someone or transported to a particular country. Guidance can be found at the US Department of Commerce Control List site at:

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